Unblock YouTube Videos


Our mission here at Unblock Tunnel is to help you have some fun in places that are commonly boring because of web filters.

Places like schools, libraries and your work of place of employment are usually the biggest offenders. Our free service can help you unblock youtube and many other blocked sites.

A byproduct of using our service is that your ip address will change. You will effectively be surfing the web with one of our ip addresses.

You will appear to be browsing the web from an entirely different place. No software needs to be installed on your pc to begin using our service.

If you happen to reside in a country where the internet is limited because of government restrictions and censorship, we can definitely help you.

This web proxy can also be used to get around and bypass these annoying filters so you can freely browse the web. Make sure you share our site with all of your family and friends.

What is a proxy?